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After school wars part 3 is up!

Stream(Password is 1234):

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Camse Corps
Camse Corps
Dec 12, 2021

There is a 42-minute lesbian anthology film released in 2019 that goes by the title 君と、徒然 (Kimi to, Tsuredzure) which translates to With You. According to CDJapan, the film is "a story about the relationship between women of various generations" directed by photographer Hasegawa Keisuke. I can't find the certain film anywhere on KissAsian or other Asian media bootleg websites, so I would kindly appreciate it if you produce a version with English subtitles by 27 July 2022. I am not demanding it or anything, it is just a request. The film on Amazon Prime Video: (no English subtitles) The film on DVD/Blu-ray:

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