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Kiss me at the stroke of midnight(Dailymotion password is 1234)

Hinana (Kanna Hashimoto) is a sincere high school student with good grades. She appears to be uninterested in romance, but she actually dreams of having romance with a handsome man. One day, top star Kaede (Ryota Katayose) comes to Hinana's high school to shoot a film. She notices that Kaede stares at the female students' butts. While Hinana takes part in the filming, she becomes attracted to Kaede who shows a natural and tender side. Kaede also becomes attracted to her due to her sincere and honest personality.

Meanwhile, Akira (Gordon Maeda) is Hinana's childhood friend and he holds feeling for her. Akira declares to Kaede that he likes Hinana.


Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

Part 4:

Part 5:



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I’m having an issue with part 2 having no audio....

Thank you.


Leah Ortega
Leah Ortega
Jul 27, 2020

Thank You....


Jul 17, 2020

Thank YOU!!!!!!!!!!!


Can I translate it to my language? I would like to share this film on one of the polish forums about Japanese films. If I can, could you send me a softsub movie? Thank u~


fatemeh ebrahimi
fatemeh ebrahimi
Jul 06, 2020

Hi I want to translate this movie to my language so I need softsub of this movie. Please send it to my email. I beg you

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